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Best School Spirit

Kenneth Rivera '19

Sophmore Kenneth Riviera is all over campus. He is part of Dance Co., the Cheer Squad, Students Activities Council's (SAC) Comedy Stop, Latin American Society, the RPS recycling Committee, Alanna club council, an RASM, and an MCLA admissions ambassador. His pride for MCLA goes above and beyond.

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Ready for Everything

Lily Breen '17

Senior Lilly Breen feels sentimental and reflective about her last three years at the College. She also knows her experience at MCLA has made her ready for whatever life throws at her. 

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Uniting people through music
and words

Jordan DeGaetano '20

MCLA appealed to Jordan because of its affordability, and inspiring environment. “What better place to invoke a sense of creativity than a mountainside liberal arts college," Jordan said.

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Finding A Home Away From Home


A freshman, Mary Kate's first year at MCLA has given her the opportunity for growth in a comfortable welcoming environment. She attributes the hominess to faculty and staff like her resident advisor, who is constantly coming up with new and exciting ways to promote community.

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A Future in the Nonprofit Sector


With a focus on using her arts management education to make a difference, Rebecca Waterhouse '17 is utilizing the Phonathon program as a training ground for fundraising.

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Write it down


Erica Barreto, a sophomore and English major concentrating in creative writing, says she has dedicated her time at MCLA to exploring her passions and talents in hopes of better understanding what career path will bring her the most satisfaction, or as she likes to describe it, “happiness.” 

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Ursile Louis-Jacques '18

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