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Achieving Dreams


For Harmony Birch '17, a junior at MCLA, home is the place where you feel stable and secure, it’s the place where the people you love are. MCLA has been Harmony’s home since she first stepped foot on campus. 

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Motivated Leader


As an incoming freshman, Akeirah Woodard has taken the initiative to become a member of the Phonathon team in order to strengthen her communication skills. Akeirah aspires to own a successful business in her future and plans to effectively use her four years at MCLA to pursue this goal.

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Studying abroad


Energetic and passionate, Shadea Blyther '16 is making the most of her Phonathon experience by using it as a way to better her skills in multimedia communications.

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Making a difference in the community


Yamileyka Rojas, a transfer student new to MCLA, has recently discovered the sense of community on campus. She believes the College is home to “people who help one another achieve their goals and inspire the motivation to strive for success”.

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Supporting Growth by Pursuing a career in Social Work


Ursile Louis-Jacques, a sophomore at MCLA and a new member to the Phonathon team, is a student who values networking. As a sociologist major, Ursile is impassioned by human development both in her personal life and community. She recognizes that MCLA attributes the success of its community to its size because Ursile’s college experience is built on a close connection.

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Value In Education


Natalia Reyes, returning Phonathon caller, sets the bar high this semester by taking advantage of the opportunities around her. As an English major concentrated in broadcasting, Natalia loves to network and connect with those in her community. 

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Building connections


Jennifer Suslo, a sophomore at MCLA believes the College offers a liberal arts education that can inherently connect knowledge across all subject matters while also establishing a bond between its community members. It is because of these qualities that she feels MCLA provides her with the right amount of resources and a strong support system tailored to develop her personal growth and help lead her to success.

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Ursile Louis-Jacques '18

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