This year's Homecoming event will be virtual, offering five days of interactive experiences that bring our beautiful Berkshires campus to you. All alumni, family members, and friends are welcome; join the fun from wherever you call home.

All Homecoming events will be streamed live on Facebook at the time of the event unless otherwise noted. Please contact with any questions.



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Schedule of Events

Activities continue to be added -- check back for more! 


Tuesday, September 29


12:00 pm - Faculty Talk with Professor Phil McKnight, Esq. -- The Shakespeare Nobody Knows

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Professor Phil McKnight will present the many facts and assumptions we simply do not know about William Shakespeare of Stratford-upon-Avon – among them the day he was born, the day he died, what he looked like, how his name was spelled, how many plays he wrote and much more. The second portion of Prof. McKnight’s lecture will address the always fascinating subject of The Authorship Question. Was William of Stratford the same man as William of the Globe Theater in London? Consider this - of the 50 extent documents relating to Shakespeare, none have anything to do with literature or poetry or playwriting – none. So who wrote the plays…?


4:00 pm -125th Celebration Event

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Join alumni, faculty, staff, students and friends of Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts as we gather virtually on September 29 to celebrate the rich history of the College, our generous sponsors and our distinguished Presidential Medallion Honorees.


Wednesday, September 30


12:00 pm - Faculty Talk with Maria Bartini, PhD -- Youth Sports in the United States: Are We Heading in the Wrong Direction?

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Sports play a significant role in American culture. We often use sports-related idioms in our everyday language and our social lives may revolve around college and professional sporting events. Sports fandom can serve as sources of personal identity, even for non-athletes, while sport participation itself can enhance physical and mental well-being in addition to teaching transferable skills like teamwork, responsibility, and work ethic. 


It should be no surprise, then, that youth sport participation is a typical rite of passage in our country. Some children may participate in a sport for only a season or two but others will focus on sports as their most significant extra-curricular activity, spending hours per week, 9-10 months of the year, on travel, practices, and games. Public scrutiny over the impact of this kind of youth sport participation has increased dramatically over the last two decades. As youth sports become more commercialized and sources of profit for corporations, parents, coaches, medical professionals and scholars have been critical of the trend and are asking questions about the direction and true purpose of youth sports. Are we on the right path or do we need to consider a serious course correction?



1:30 pm - Desk Yoga with Devin Raber '11

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Stretch it out with a quick desk yoga session with alum Devin Raber of North Adams Yoga 


7:00 pm - Supporting your Student’s Path to Success: A Conversation with Vice President for Student Affairs Cathy Holbrook

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Join other family members in a conversation with VP Holbrook to talk about your student’s first semester, their opportunities and challenges, and how you can support them, whether this is their first semester or their final year as a trailblazer.


Thursday, October 1


11:00 am - Exploring the Berkshires Talk with author Christy "Chris" Butler '89

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Join Chris Butler, author and explorer of the Berkshires and beyond, as he discusses his recent publications and highlights spots to explore in the area. 


1:00 pm Book Discussion of Raising Boys to be Good Men with author Aaron Gouveia '01 and Dr. Travis Beaver

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From the dad who created the viral tweet supporting his son wearing nail polish, his essential parenting guide shares 36 parenting tips for battling gender norms, bringing down "man up" culture, and helping sons realize their potential.

Aaron Gouveia is a former award-winning journalist who has appeared in TIME, the TODAY Show, Good Morning America, People, Mashable, and USA Today to discuss topics on parenting young boys in the age of toxic masculinity. He started the website The Daddy Files in 2008 to promote involved fatherhood, has contributed to Parents, American Baby, and the Huffington Post, and is a regular speaker at parenting conferences. His content on topics like gun control and abortion have been seen by millions around the world. He resides in Franklin, Massachusetts, with his wife and three sons.

Dr. Travis Beaver is an Assistant Professor, Sociology, Anthropology, & Social Work at MCLA. His research interests include Gender, Men and Masculinities, Sexualities, Theory, Qualitative Methods. 


5:00 pm Dukakis Public Policy Lecture: Jeff Flake Election 2020 and the State of U.S. Politics 

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Drawing on his nearly two decades of experience on Capitol Hill, in both the Senate and House of Representatives, Jeff Flake shares candid, thought-provoking, and engaging insights on today’s political climate. Combining riveting anecdotes from his time in office, lessons from his New York Times bestselling book Conscience of a Conservative, and insights on the importance of civil leadership and bipartisanship, Flake paints a vivid picture of our current political environment and where we can expect our nation’s democracy to go from here. The lecture will take place over Zoom. 


Friday, October 2


12:00 pm - Faculty Talk with Daniel Shustack, Ph.D. -- Should I stay or should I go? Migration behavior of the dark-eyed junco

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The dark-eyed junco (Junco hyemalis), often called a snowbird, breeds across much of the northern North America and winters across much of the southern United States. While still relatively common, unfortunately, this species has lost ~1/3 of its population since 1970. There are approximately 168 million fewer juncos today than in 1970. Further, the causes of these declines are unclear. In order to understand the ecology of this species and help inform conservation, Professor Shustack and his students have been studying dark-eyed juncos at MCLA since 2017. This lecture will highlight the ways we are working in the field and lab in order to understand the juncos that breed, migrate through, and overwinter in western Massachusetts. Professor Shustack will discuss his ongoing research on junco ecology, highlight current findings, and explore how understanding junco movements across seasons could help keep this species common across our North American landscape.


3:00 pm - Live Music with DJ Bengey 

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Join alum Bengey Asse '06 to wind down your workday and get into the weekend spirit. He'll be spinning tunes live -- see you there!


8:00 pm - Kahoot Trivia hosted by Adam Hildabrand '99 and MCLA Intramurals 

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Download the Kahoot Trivia app (Apple App Store) (Google Play) and spend the evening playing fun trivia from the comfort of your home. You will need a laptop and a phone or tablet with the Kahoot App to play. The big winner will receive a coveted Intramurals Champion Jersey. Play will take place over Zoom. 


Saturday, October 3


All Week- Virtual 5K 

Participate in our first virtual 5k by running or walking 3.1 miles in a location of your choice any time during Homecoming Week. Tag MCLA or MCLA Alumni in your pictures with your runner’s bib and we’ll share them online. 

Download your runner's bib 


10:00 am - Art Class for All with Art Educator, Erica Manville '14 

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We'll be painting rocks with the iconic MCLA Trailblazer mascot in this guided art class with Erica Manville '14. 

Materials needed: rocks of your choice, paintbrushes, sharpie, and acrylic paint in blues, greens, yellow, black, and white


8:00 pm - Summoning Spirits Show

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Turn off your lights, turn on your device, Summoning Spirits is coming to your house! Creepy ghost stories combined with freaky magic effects make this the spookiest, most unique show you can attend! Not suitable for small children. 

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