Teaching the Way

Jaimee Melvin '13

Simply someone who wants to help others, Jaimee Melvin ’13 is living out her dream as an educator. As an associate instructor at the Capital Region Education Council (CREC) Reggio Magnet School of the Arts, Melvin is committed to making a difference in the lives of children by passionately sharing what she knows.

“I think that I’ve known that I’ve always wanted to teach,” she revealed. “Even from a young age, whether it was math or cheerleading, I just wanted to help others understand whatever they didn’t get,” she explained.

While she was a student at MCLA, Melvin allowed her desire to teach guide her through her undergraduate career. As a member of Dance Company, Cheerleading Club, and Greek life, Melvin made it a point to share any and everything that she knew about being a successful student at MCLA with those around her.

“There was a great sense of community at the College and I really enjoyed being a part of it by helping those in need,” she said.

Outside of student life, Melvin stuck to her studies. To date, she has collected experience in preschool, first, and fifth grade classrooms and her goal is to eventually have one of her own.

“I’m Ms. Melvin. That’s kind of weird, right?” she exclaimed while sitting in front of a chalkboard that was fully decorated with colorful hints and tips about math. “Everything feels so real once the kids start calling you that. I can’t wait to have my own classroom someday,” she confessed.

Melvin has been developing the necessary skills to lead her own group of students by teaming up with other teachers and learning to think outside of the box. When asked about the lessons that she has learned in her field, she gave two: be creative and be yourself.

“Pave your own way. There isn’t one certain or solid way to do something,” she declared. “While doing so, be your most honest and true self. If you’re honest with yourself and those around you, you will get to where you need to be.”

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