Every semester MCLA holds a Fall and Spring Phonathon. Phonathon is a program in which we bring students and alumni together in support of the College.

Our students love calling our alumni and having an opportunity to fill them in on what is currently happening on campus, what they are studying and how it has transformed them, and hearing about what experiences our alumni had as students and since graduation. Some of our favorite moments are when we hear a student laughing while on the phone with an alum who is telling them a story from their days here at MCLA.

Phonathon also allows our students to feel like they are giving back to the College by asking for support from those who came before them. All of our callers are either receiving student scholarship aid, or have a friend who does. When you choose to participate in Phonathon and make your gift to the Alumni Fund, you are directly impacting the life of a student who is here today.

When our alumni come together and collectively support our students, you are making their education possible.

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