A Future in the Nonprofit Sector

Rebecca Waterhouse '17

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Rebecca (Becky) Waterhouse defines "home" as a state of being, a place of comfort that promotes growth. For Becky, MCLA has become a place she considers "home." Becky feels that MCLA provides the resources she needs to further her self-discovery and now, in her third year, she identifies the College as “a welcoming and supportive place where I feel I belong."

Becky understands the advantages MCLA offers its students. She believes “a liberal arts education doesn't put your major into a box but rather breaks down the walls of standardized education and provides outlets to mold your program into exactly what you want." Becky appreciates the size of the school because it constitutes the campus’s close-knit community. She also acknowledges the benefits that stem from the strong and successful relationships she has established with her professors. In this respect, Rebecca values connection, especially the connections the College has with other organizations that provide great opportunities for students.

Some of these opportunities have helped provide Rebecca with experience and lessons on leadership. As a co-captain on the College’s tennis team, she emphasizes the importance of teamwork. Likewise, Rebecca’s involvement with the school’s radio station has greatly improved her public speaking skills and relationship with the outside community. Rebecca dreams to direct a non-profit organization with fundraising as the vital component.

During her time at MCLA, Shadea has fully embraced the many opportunities available to her, participating in theatre, the WJJW Radio Station, and Dance Company. This semester, Shadea is embarking on what may be “one of the most rewarding experiences of her life,” studying abroad at the University of the Virgin Islands in St. Thomas. While there she will be taking classes in English, Communications, and Theatre, auditioning for their dance team, and exploring opportunities with the University’s radio station. Shadea’s study abroad experience was made possible through the National Student Exchange Program and was funded by applying her financial aid awards from MCLA. 
Shadea is just one example of the impact financial aid makes. Did you know that 46% percent of all MCLA students were eligible for Federal Pell Grants last year and that 90% of all MCLA students applied for financial aid? Due to this increasingly pressing need, this year the College has introduced a special scholarship initiative to help increase funds available to our students and their families. The need is greater now than ever before. When you give to the Alumni Fund, you are making it possible for MCLA’s students, like Shadea, to begin and complete their journey; allowing them to fulfill their dreams and discover their passions. 


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