Giving Back

Rodd Lanoue '98 

A native son of the Berkshires, Rodd Lanoue ’98 has enjoyed a great career in sports medicine and athletic training. As a teenager, he was a Hoosac Valley High School athlete that participated in multiple sports including soccer, basketball, and track. It was his love for athletics that got him started on his career path to sports medicine and eventually led him to MCLA for what was then a precursor to what is now the athletic training program. After receiving his Bachelor of Science degree in biology from MCLA, Lanoue headed to Western Michigan University to advance his education and start his career. After 10 years of working in Michigan in his field, he decided to relocate back to his home in the Berkshires. Upon returning, he has become the Director of Sports Medicine at Williams College. With this position, he has made it a point to give back to the College by leading guest lectures and offering his work site as a clinical location for MCLA’s athletic training students. His dedication to working with our students has been a great benefit to the MCLA program.

“Currently, I am involved in fostering the relationship and status of MCLA’s athletic training program with Williams College by accepting MCLA students for clinical hours,” he stated. “This allows them to be exposed to sports that are not currently offered at MCLA such as football, hockey, and other contact sports.”

Lanoue’s most recent guest lecture focused on concussion management; a hot topic in sports medicine today. It is opportunities like these that allow our students an inside look at current issues in their field of choice, taught through the experiences of alumni who have become current leaders of today.

“To come back to MCLA and to give back to the athletic training program by helping to mentor and foster their students and the future of athletic trainers is a unique opportunity and one that I enjoy,” he commented.

In regards to the changes made on campus since his time as a student, he stated that he was really impressed with how campus has grown and that he is glad to see that old spaces are being repurposed for better utilization for student learning experiences.

When asked about his greatest career accomplishment, he recalled his journey back to the Berkshires.

“I lived in Michigan for 10 years and had a very secure job there,” he stated. “My wife and I just bought a home and had our first child, but I found myself at a loss because I had been gone from the Berkshires for so long and was looking to come back. For whatever reason, my wife was brave enough to take that leap with me, not truly without any plans, but kind of on a whim. We decided to move back to the Berkshires, and lucky enough for me, the stars aligned and an opportunity was presented to me here at a physical therapy clinic at Williams College.”

It was a great opportunity for Lanoue that offered him room to grow and further establish himself in his career.

With the athletic training program growing more and more popular at MCLA, Lanoue encourages those students interested in the profession to chase their dreams despite the cost.

“The nature of the profession, traditionally, is in the collegiate setting. It’s a job with a lot of long, odd hours,” he revealed. “There’s definitely some personal sacrifice involved, but there’s also something to be said about doing something that you love in terms of your own personal happiness and fulfillment. Don’t be afraid to chase those goals and passions. The profession is always rewarding.”

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