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Nashoba Valley Ski Area Alumni Social

Photo Gallery!

Whether it is our annual Reunion & Fall Family Weekend, a regional event, or an athletic function, someone will have a camera. It is important that we collect the memories between our alumni as they happen. Take a look at the alumni events that we have documented over the past few years. View photos here.


2017-2022 Strategic Plan

President Birge was pleased to share with the campus community that the Board of Trustees unanimously approved the MCLA Strategic Plan 2017-2022 at the board meeting on Thursday, Sept. 14. The plan has been submitted for the Board of Higher Education's approval at their meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 31.


MCLA Receives Mellon Planning Grant

Your alma mater has received a $50,000 planning grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, to establish a Berkshire Humanities Council. The Council will create regional collaborations and extend best and emerging humanities practices in teaching, learning and community engagement by utilizing new and deeper ways to connect the resources in our region. Read more here.



Featured Alumni Stories

Rhea Werner '15 - From MCLA to a Ph.d in London

Rhea Werner said MCLA prepared her well for her graduate studies. It was through a course called "Great Monuments of Art,” which she took as a sophomore, that she learned about the cultural aspects of World War II. "That propelled so much of my research, and I found a topic that I am very passionate about. Without this class, I honestly don't know if I would have continued my studies.”. Read More


Shadea Blyther '16 - Communications Alumna Takes on NYC

At MCLA, Shadea Blyther was an English/communications major, with a minor in theatre. She says the College helped her to find the right career. "Throughout my four years at MCLA, I can genuinely say that I was prepared for what I want to do," she said. Blyther recalled how one professor asked her to take two minutes to prepare to give a broadcast report from the scene of a story. "After that two-minute segment, I had 30 seconds to run and be the director. Two minutes later, I was behind the camera. I really like hands-on learning." Read More


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