Fall 2021 Volunteer Opportunities

Thank you for giving your time to assist MCLA! Serving as a volunteer provides you with an opportunity to meet interested students and alumni, and to promote the College. Whether you can give 1 or 100 hours, we appreciate all that you do to help us!

Please spend a few minutes looking over the opportunities for the year below and sign up today! 

Fall 2021 Volunteer Opportunities:

Trailblazer-to-Trailblazer Mentorship Program

Letter Writing to Incoming Students

For questions, contact Kate Gigliotti, senior director of constituent engagement, at 413-662-5074 or kate.gigliotti@mcla.edu.

Current Volunteer Opportunities 


Trailblazer-to-Trailblazer Mentor Program

With over 19,000 alumni worldwide, there is no shortage of Trailblazers with experience to offer our current students. The Trailblazer to Trailblazer Program is designed to assist incoming students in their transition to MCLA by pairing them with alumni mentors. Our goal is to contribute to the retention, progression, graduation, and overall success of the participating students by connecting them to a welcoming and encouraging alum. Mentors will be asked to make a minimum of three contacts with their mentee between February and May 2021. 


Program Goals:

  • To ease student transition throughout their first semester at MCLA.
  • To encourage students to approach their college experience in a balanced manner emphasizing academic achievement, personal development, and involvement in programs and opportunities available at MCLA as well as off-campus in the larger North Adams community.
  • To acquaint entering students with relevant resources and opportunities, within the Alumni Association network.

Timeline for 2021-2022:

  • Alumni are asked to complete the mentorship form by August 30, 2021.
  • Mentor/Mentee connections will be made by late September 2021. Your student will also be assigned an upper-class student guide who will provide in-person 1:1 connection. (New this year!)
  • An alumni volunteer training session will be held on Monday, September 13, 2021 at 7:00 pm via Zoom. Please save the date. Zoom login details will be provided in the match email. The session will also be recorded for on-demand viewing. (New this year!)
  • The formal program will run through April 2022, though you are welcomed and encouraged to continue the relationship through graduation and beyond.

  • The alumni volunteer is asked to make a minimum of four outreaches per student during the formal program period. This might include a welcome email, a mid-semester check in, well wishes on upcoming exams, ect. These outreaches should be made virtually, unless you and your student are willing and able to meet in person. There is no in-person connection requirement to participate in the program.

  • An assessment survey will be sent to volunteers in May 2022.

For questions, please contact Kate Gigliotti, senior director of constituent engagement, at 413-662-5074 or by emailing kate.gigliotti@mcla.edu.

Letter Writing to Incoming Students

Do you have an hour to spar? Spend some time writing 5-10 notes to new and returning MCLA students and welcome them to campus for the Fall semester. The Alumni Office will provide note cards and pre-addressed envelopes, and stamps if you need them. You provide warm wishes to our returning Trailblazers! Volunteer by August 31, 2021 here.


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