Alumni Association Board of Directors 2020-2021


Dennis Ducharme '82 President

Student Clubs/ Orgs: RA, Orientation Group Leader, SGA, WJJW, Intern to Dean of Students administering student discipline cases, Intern to Admissions office administering summer transfer orientation program.

"In the last 18 to 24 months the Board has evolved from one focused on classic engagement functions like getting more alums on campus and attending regional events into a more activist body, pushing for positive change at MCLA to improve a lot of those following us. While engagement is a fundamental part of our charge, I am excited by this Board's willingness to dig deeper and have a more direct impact on the lives of current MCLA students.

I hope to see us continue to build on these efforts and see more and more direct Board and full Alumni Association interaction with, and advocacy for, our current students. It is important for current students to know that alumni are proud of the institution and want to give back. Hopefully, we can continue our efforts and help make more and more young alums excited about staying connected to MCLA in meaningful ways."

Kaite Bonneville Rosa '10, Vice President 
Co-Chair, Nominating Committee

Student Clubs/ Orgs: Editor-in-Chief of The Beacon Student newspaper, Vice President of Pi Upsilon Omega Sorority, LEAD Academy, Peer Advisors, SGA, Center for Service, Admissions, New Student Orientation staff member, RASM, and interned with the MCLA Public Relations office.

"I hope to deepen the connections and engagement within our alumni community -- something I've been committed to doing for my last years on the Alumni Board.

I want to help amplify our alumni voices by way of important Alumni Board initiatives, like diversity and inclusion, campus safety, and The Lavender Fund.

I also know our MCLA alumni community is facing unprecedented hardship as they look to secure and maintain jobs in the wake of COVID-19. I want to support our people in whatever way I can.

Above all else, I want to make sure the Alumni Board is working on causes and issues important to our alumni community. If you're reading this and there's something you want to talk about, please reach out!"

Michelle Hansen '08, Foundation Board Representative

Student Clubs/ Orgs: SGA, RPS, The Beacon, Yearbook

"I'd like to really help to support and connect fellow alumni so that participation and engagement as a community increases."


Ama Bemma Adwetewa-Badu '15

Major: Early Childhood Education

Erin Fielding Baffuto '05 

Student Clubs/ Orgs: Pi Upsilon Omega Sorority member, President of the Inter-Greek Council, and Susan B. Anthony Women's Center

"It has been an honor and a pleasure to serve on this Board for the last couple of years and this year I hope to continue to serve as a liaison between the College and its alumni community. I love reconnecting with old familiar faces as well as meeting new ones!"

Jacob Boillat '18 

Student Clubs/ Orgs: Resident Advisor for 3 years, Class of 2018 Treasurer, Environuts, Student Affairs Governance Committee, SGA, student worker in the Registrar's Office

"I hope to bring a new/younger prospective to the board this year that represents all members of the MCLA community. This is important to me because with every passing year, the population continues to change and so do their wants, needs and how they want to be feel supported. I want current and incoming students to have the same amazing experience I had while attending MCLA. Overall, I want to help MCLA and its Alumni network connect more with current students, each other and with the nearby community members."

Buffy D. Lord '98 

Student Clubs/ Orgs: Rugby, Alpha Chi Honor Society, Phi Alpha Theta Honor Society

"In my time on the Board, there has been an increase in participation by alumni, especially those from the 1990's. I want to continue that trend. In addition, I am excited about the work our Board is doing around diversity, equity, and inclusion. Making sure that all of our students and alumni are heard and represented is key."

Todd Foy '12
Chair, Bylaws Committee

Student Clubs/ Orgs: SGA, Yorick, BGLAD (now QSU)

"I know that I can use my privilege and my experience to push the Board to be active in addressing issues on campus like systemic racism, sexual assault, and visibility of the LGBTQ+ community. I'm especially looking forward to expanding our work on The Lavender Fund and involving current students in both its planning and implementation. Onward!"

Lizz Furtado '91

Student Clubs/ Orgs: all things theatre--performance, direction, tech, audience; intramural sports; SGA, RA, WJJW Radio DJ

"I am relatively new to the Board but have enjoyed listening and learning from those that have served previously. I look forward to continuing to build better relations between the college and our Alums. NASC/MCLA gave me so much as a much that I carry with me today in my work and personal life. I am honored to be able to give back to the school, the alums and the local community as well. I hope our work builds bridges and strengthens our community."

Zach Gundler 11 MBA '18

Majors: Business Administration 

Carla Holness '95

Student Clubs/ Orgs: WJJW, Kappa Omicron, The Beacon, Black Student Union, TV Production Club

"I am hoping to help to bring alumni back to MCLA, to show them that MCLA is a thriving, progressive college. I hope to bring some of the issues being discussed both on campus and as a Board to the forefront and to help to resolve some of these issues in order to ensure that MCLA continues to move forward."

Osa Igiede '15

Major: Business
Minor: English 

Glenn Lawson '77

Student Clubs/ Orgs: As a student in the 1970's NASC soccer & baseball. History Club As an employee Men's and Women's rugby since 1986.

"Having graduated in 1977, and having worked in the Library since 1983, I had been involved with generations of our students. I take pride in having helped students in the 1980s and later their children. I believe I know literally thousands of our graduates and am still friends with many. However, there are so many of them that are not involved with the college. This has to change! I am convinced that I can reach out to them and convince them to become a part of the MCLA community."

Kevin McGrath '93 
Co-Chair, Nominating Committee

Student Clubs/ Orgs: President and Founding member of the Student Alumni Association, Kappa Delta Phi Fraternity, President of Intergreek Council 92-93, Intramurals, The Beacon

"I want to reconnect MCLA/NASC Alumni to the college and help spread the word about the amazing things happening on campus!"

Devan Monroe '13

Student Clubs/ Orgs: B-GLAD (now QSU), Peer Advising, Write Stuff, Honors Program, Psi Chi, Lambda Iota Tau, Alpha Lamba Delta, Alpha Chi

"I hope to advance the Board's current initiatives, informed by my lens and experience with diversity, equity, and inclusion work. I also hope we can strengthen connections between alumni and current students, particularly seniors who will soon be entering the job market, to assist with the transition from college student to working adult."

Jonathan Monroy '13 
Co-Chair, Outreach Committee

Student Clubs/ Orgs: Pi Upsilon Pi, ALANA, LAS, SGA

"My focus this year is to bring alumni back to MCLA/NASC where it all began. With the current pandemic in mind, let’s make these memories digitally until we can gather once again. One of the most important things for alums is to remember just why our alma matter means so much to us."

Alex Mukendi '13

Student Clubs/ Orgs: ALANA, Multicultural Club, BSU, CCOR

"I am looking forward to getting started working with the alumni board this year. I hope to help the board build a stronger and more collaborative MCLA alumni network community. I also want to help advocate for alumni as they progress in their professional careers."

Sarah Murphy '15
Co-Chair, Outreach Committee

Student Clubs/ Orgs: Women's Tennis, Peer Advisor, Academic Resource Assistant, Program Coordinator for H.A.L.F. Times, Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, Ski Club

"We've made great strides towards advocating for change at the institutional level, working with the College, current students, and alumni to create and reimagine policies and programs that support our BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ community. MCLA was an amazing experience for me as a student and has continued to support me and allow me to grow as an alumna, and I want every student and alumni to have that experience. This year, I want our Board to reconnect with alums that feel disconnected from the institution, to implement new programs that serve as resources and mentorship for alums and students alike, and to showcase the achievements of everyday alumni who impact themselves and their communities in ways that are meaningful to them. MCLA has some of the most amazing alumni who have all trailblazed their own path, and have shown what it means to be successful by their own definition. I want us to celebrate this and give our support however we can. This year, and every year before, and every year after, inclusivity is at the forefront of what I hope to accomplish on this Board."

Kimberly Roberts-Morandi '91, '01, M.Ed. '00

Student Clubs/ Orgs: Intermurals

"First and foremost, I need to listen and learn. The experienced Board members have a lot to share with us and I am eager to hear more about how their current work supports the College's mission and vision. Additionally, we are facing many national challenges that affect the College campus and most specifically, the students. It is of the utmost importance that the staff and students are able to live, learn, and work in a safe, supporting, and open environment that embraces individuality and equality. I hope that the work the Board engages in can lead, or where appropriate, support the campus community in its efforts to reinforce the College's values.

As a Board member, I also want to be involved in the ongoing activities that fundraise for current and future students. Providing an opportunity for future generations of MCLA alum is an obligation I, like countless others, take seriously."

Michael Obasohan '11

Student Clubs/ Orgs: Nexxus Step Team, Dance Company, a few harlequin shows and Black Student Union. I was a facilitator for Campus Conversations on Race and ALANA Club Council. I also served as an Orientation Leader and a Peer Advisor.

"Connecting alumni to current students attending MCLA is what I want to accomplish on the board this year. During my years at MCLA, I had very few connections with alumni and I often wonder what my life would be like if I connected early and often to Alumni that look like me. There were very few positions I saw myself in, but there were people that came into my life that have taught me I can do anything I set my mind to. I want to create this opportunity for students now.

I will be doing this with the lens of diversity and inclusion. Creating and opening up opportunities for students of color to establish a sense of belonging at MCLA. Showing POC's that, Yes, we also work in companies, own business, and have graduate degrees. We have a great Black Alumni network to show off and its time to showcase our talent."

Amina Wilson

"Continue the work we have been doing in regards to supporting current students who are in marginalized groups, especially through these trying times. Additionally, trying to get more alums from those groups to become re-engaged with the MCLA community."


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